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Custom Programming

Custom Programming

Turn Your Trading Methods into an Automated System

If you can imagine and describe a trading system, we can code it. We can test it. We can work with you to improve it. We can document it. We can assist you will selling it. We can help you secure your proprietary source code.

Our programming services can provide you with discretionary, semi-automated, and fully automated strategies and expert advisers based on your trading ideas and concepts.

Important Questions to Ask About Your Trading Concepts

What is your trade entry criteria? Is is based on an indicator? based on volume spikes? support or resistance levels? pivot points?

How will you exit your trade? Allow the stop loss to take you out of positions? Use specific profit targets and scale out of positions? exit at the end of the day?

Is your strategy designed for trending markets? range bound markets? Is it optimized to work better on Forex, Futures, or Stocks?

Platforms that we Support and Develop Strategies for:




Trading methodologies used for programs written by us are confidential. A Non-Disclosure Agreement can be signed if needed. We will provide an accurate estimate of labor, and for your project you will receive source code and related documentation.

Payment Terms

We ask for 50% payment up front before beginning to work on a project, and the remaining 50% payment is due upon completion of the project. We accept PayPal and most major credit cards


Here are some of the Features that can be Built Into your Strategy:

Entry and Exit Technical Indicators – Any common technical indicator can be included in your strategies, including: Moving Averages, ADX, Pivot Points, Donchian, Bollinger Bands, RSI, Stochastics, and MACD.

Position Sizing and Money Management - The number of contracts, stock shares, lot size, etc of a trade can be determined as a percentage of account equity or a fixed amount. This includes: Fixed Fractional, Fixed Ratio, Anti-Martindale

Stop Loss and Take Profits - Fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit settings can be set to reduce risk in trades taken. Take Profits can also be taken based on percentage of account equity.

Fixed, Percentage, or Volatility Trailing Stops - Trailing Stop Loss can be set for a fixed dollar amount, a fixed number of ticks or pips or ticks, or dynamically determined by market volatility using ATR (Average True Range), Bollinger Bands, or Percentage of price.

Account Margin – Systems can be configured to adjust contract sizes based on instrument margin levels before placing orders.

Trading Sessions – Multiple trading session start and stop times can be defined and implemented. This is useful when you only want to trade the Asian, London, or New York sessions, or any other custom session timeframe.

Halt Trading Times - Trading session stop times can be set so that if desired, you are not trading during economic news reports or particular days of the week. Strategies can also be set to close all open trades at a certain time of day.



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